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Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming Pool Accidents

If you have a family member or somebody close to you that has recently been injured (or even drowned) in a swimming pool you could be entitled to some compensation.

The drowning of a child is a tragic and emotionally challenging thing to deal with, especially as a parent. Here at Fink Law Firm we believe in helping those who need it, and every client who comes into our offices leaves feeling like justice has been served. Many people drown per year, and under certain circumstances there's nobody to blame for the incident. However, in the case of a child drowning in a swimming pool, the pool's owner could be held accountable due to negligence; as well as failure to take proper precautions if the incident isn't drowning related.

When a property owner doesn't take care of the property owned, thinks start to wear out and break. The things that were safe before aren't relatively safe now, although this isn't always the case. Sometimes the property owner just failed to supervise what was happening and things could happen that way, which would also fall under the negligence category. You might need a child drowning attorney if you've ever been in one of these situations:

  • Owners of the property fail to fence off the water, making it easy for small children to access it
  • Property owner fails to mention any hazards in the area such as glass or broken gate latches
  • Properties that fail to provide lifeguard services (if they're commercial)
  • Any neighbours or other local pool owners that tell kids it's alright to swim in their pool whenever they please

Many of these cases are avoidable, which is why the person responsible needs to be held accountable for their actions. Our attorney's make sure that every bit of the story is known, compensation is in order and we're the ones who are here to deliver it.


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