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Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and Fall

Many cases of “Slip and Falls” usually leave the recipients just dazed and confused, maybe nothing more than a few bruises; but others can be the complete opposite. Sometimes a slip and fall can be so severe that the injuries are not only long-term, they could be life-threatening. Studies show that slip and falls accidents are actually the cause of over 35 percent of the traumatic brain injury cases within our country; and that's every year. To add to that daunting fact, slip and falls account for 46 percent of all the spinal chord injuries inflicted on it\s victims, which in sever cases could leave the individual paralysed (which could affect future income).

If you or a loved one has suffered from a severe slip and fall, there might be some compensation in it for the either of you. If the fall was severe enough, you might be entitled to financial compensation from the property owner, because they didn't take the precautions needed to prevent the accident. Many falls may be a result of pure clumsiness or a simple mistake, but a big chunk of them are avoidable. You shouldn't have to bear the burden of the owners neglect to care for his property.

Slip and Fall Accident Victims

If you've been injured in a slip and fall accident that never should have happened, you're going to need a dedicated and experienced attorney to represent you. Financial compensation isn't the only thing on the line here, it's the principle of the whole thing. We want you to feel comfortable with us representing you, and we only want to bring the best service possible to the court room. Allow us to meet with you, we can get acquainted and assess the extent of your injuries; from there we can go on to see how much you should be looking to claim, and then how you can claim it! Contact us today.


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