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Understanding Premises Liability Claims

While a vast amount of personal injury claims are files against the person who directly caused the accident/injury, in many cases the person who is to be held responsible might not have been around when the incident occurred. Depending on the variables of your case, it might be possible to sue the person or persons who are owners of the property you were injured on. This is legally known as “premises liability”.

The perfect example of premises liability would be the incident of somebody slipping and falling in a grocery store. If the grocery store didn't have a sign up that clearly stated the floor was wet (therefore slippery) then they could be held liable for the injuries. It's the property owners duty to make sure that the customers are taken care of and in a safe environment at all times, and allowing somebody to get injured without some sort of warning is a lack of responsibility.

Suing the property owner

If you've been injured somewhere where the property owner is held responsible, you may be entitled to some sort of compensation, whether it be financial or simply paying for the medical bills. The property owner didn't take reasonable precautions when it came to his responsibilities, and that's never a good thing on the owners part. For example, if there was a dog loose on somebody's property and it attacked you, you could hold the property owner responsible for your injuries; they allowed a dog to attack a bystander. If you feel like your injuries should be compensated and that the property owner failed to take certain precautions before your injury, contact us now. Our skilled attorney's will stop at nothing to make sure that you receive what is truly deserved! Our experience can't be matched, and we love to see our clients faces light up after that ruling. Contact us today, we're waiting to help you!


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