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"The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time."  That was the favorite saying of my Military Science Professor.   Your debt probably feels like the elephant in the room.  If you want to be debt free, then you need to focus on taking one bite at a time.

Do you want to start your DEBT FREE life right now?  If so, simply contact FINK LAW FIRM KC TODAY. We will email you a getting started questionnaire and schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

We can get you on the road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM within minutes.  We will send you our thorough Chapter 7 Bankruptcy questionnaire so that you can start immediately down the road to financial recovery. Don't wait any longer!

Is there a difference in bankruptcy lawyers?

You bet.  FINK LAW FIRM KC utilizes the latest software and tools to help you get DEBT FREE as quick as possible.  We don't just hand you the information.  We explain the information and can sit down with you and assist you in completing the necessary information to accurately and efficiently file your bankruptcy petition and bankruptcy schedules.



The First step is usually the hardest.  Don't waste time worrying about your finances any longer.  Contact us and we will send you a free evaluation.  We want you to know your options before you file for bankruptcy relief.  That's our Educate, Defend & to Empower.  When you leave, you will have the tools to succeed.


We are conveniently located in the Kansas City, MO Northland off Barry Road and I-29, about a mile from Zona Rosa Shopping District.