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License Reinstatement


If your Missouri driver's license has been suspended for any reason, then you may know how difficult and tedious it is to get reinstated.  Making sure that you have all court fines and costs paid is generally the place to begin if you are having difficulty with the Missouri Department of Revenue automated system.

You may also need a "compliance notice" if you had an outstanding warrant.  A compliance notice is generated by the Court where the warrant was issued.  This notice must be sent to the Department of Revenue before you are eligible for reinstatement.  Some Courts will send this notice directly to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

For a more comprehensive look at how to get your driving privileges reinstated, follow this link. Missouri License Reinstatement Requirements.

5-Year and 10-Year Driving Privilege Denials

If you have multiple DWI convictions then you likely have at least a 5 year denial of your driving privileges.  Whether you have a 5 or a 10-year denial, you will be required to Petition the Court, in the County of your last arrest and conviction, to Reinstate your driving privileges.  The process can take some time, as you will be required, after filing your Petition for Reinstatement, to submit to a fingerprinting process for a background check, serve the Department of Revenue with the Petition for Reinstatement, and perhaps clear up additional requirements that were never met 5 or 10 years prior.  This could include the completion of SATOP, paying any fines, or reinstatement fees, ensuring your driving record is clear of any out of state tickets, etc.  An attorney within the Missouri Department of Revenue general counsel's office will review your driving record for eligibility and be in contact with your attorney to ensure that all prerequisites are met prior to noticing the matter up for a hearing in front of the Circuit or Associate Circuit Judge.  


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