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Financial Management Courses


Before you can file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you must complete the Pre-Filing Credit Counseling Course. After filing, you must complete the Debtor Education Course.

If you are ready to file, then click on the link below.  Once you have filed, then click on Dave Ramsey's link to complete the 2nd course.


(The 1st Course)

Enter Code MO0329

Before filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you must complete an interactive CREDIT COUNSELING session from an Approved Provider & Receive a Certificate of Credit Counseling.

There is a lengthy list of Bankruptcy Court Approved Providers, but I recommend that my clients take the Debt Helper course.

All courses are roughly $25.  Some are a little less, some are little more.  Click on the link and get started today with the Credit Counseling.  Enter the Code MO0329 for a copy to be sent direct to my office.


(The 2nd Course)

Enter Code MO0329

After you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you must complete a Personal Financial Management Instructional Course & receive a Certificate of Debtor Education from an Approved Provider prior to your case being discharged.

This course MUST be completed within 60 days of your meeting of creditors.  You must have your case number available at registration to get started on the second course.  And you must have your 1st course provider information available.

After the Completion of your interactive second course, the Approved Provider will provide you and The Fink Law Firm, LLC with the Certificate of Debtor Education.

When you complete Dave Ramsey's Debtor Education Course, you will receive a free copy of Dave's book, STARTING OVER, A post-bankruptcy survival guide.

FINK LAW FIRM KC endorses:

Dave Ramsey's "Changing Lives, Restoring Hope" Debtor Education Course.


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