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Defective Products

The average citizen has grown to trust the businesses that supply them with the things they need to enjoy life, and as a consumer we expect nothing but the highest of quality from our manufacturers. Although this is usually never the problem, in some cases; it very well may be. Every year a vast amount of people are injuries through an incident involving a faulty product, putting out a defective product is incredibly dangerous in it's own right. There are a vast amount of things that could be considered your own personal “property”, from automobile parts to any drugs you may have picked up from the pharmacy. If you have been hurt in an incident involving these products, and you feel it's defective, contact us now! Our attorney's are experience and are eager to get started with helping you.

Types of Product Liability Claims

When you're trying to recieve compensation for a defective product lawsuit, there are a couple mediums that are used quite often. Whether it was neglect, liability (to be held by the manufacturer), or even a breach of warranty in some sort of way is a great reason to bring your case to court. As a consumer you trust the products on our nations shelves, so whenever a company fails to care for it's average consumer a defective product lawsuit is more than likely to come short after. For example, if the defendant had never used cheap materials to manufacture the product, the plaintiff would have never been injured. The other type of claim is “Strict liability”. This is when a plaintiff strictly states that the defendant is entirely responsible for any shock or injury received in the incident., and it just so happens the manufacturing company was the one who made the product. With strict liability, the focus is placed on the product, and where it went wrong. The final type of claim would be breach of warranty. If a manufacturing company gives it's products a warranty and then doesn't follow through with the promises you could take them to court for not holding up their end of the bargain. The breach can also be issued if a warranty of merchantability has been implied. If you feel like you deserve compensation for sustaining an injury (or any other claim) due to a defective product, contact us today.


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