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Bus Accident

Buses are used by many people throughout their daily activities, most of the time people rely on the bus to get the places they need to be. Not everybody can afford a car, or even the costs of upkeep that come along with owning a car, so buses are incredibly popular in these modern times. Commuting using public transit also cuts down on the pollution we emit onto our planet,. Although there are plenty of upsides to public transportation, buses are still very big and in the chance of a collision would definitely leave it's victims car totaled, if not their body. Even if you are on the bus at the time of an accident, you could still suffer some injuries. The jolt from the impact alone is enough to send any grown human being off of their feet.

State laws protect you while you're riding on public transit, but even then you may have trouble receiving compensation for any accidents you may have had to endure. If you find yourself in this predicament, then you'll want to hire a lawyer from our firm to help guide you along the process. Clients are important to us, and with the experience and the vast amount of knowledge that our attorney's carry with them; there's no better place to start your journey to compensation.

Types of Accidents

Some accidents may include the public transit association within in your city, in which case they will help you name the driver as well as well as figure out which bus it is you were riding or hit you. If the bus was a “private” bus (a charter bus) than it's a different situation. These buses are regulated with safety precautions, but the precautions may differ from state to state. If this is the case, compensation might be able to be obtained. Another one is a school bus accident, which according to the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is the safest way for children to travel to school. Although the regulations are strict, the driver could be held solely responsible for any incidents that may have occurred involving you child (whether it be negligence or just poor driving).


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