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Boating Accidents

Boating accidents may seem like they're uncommon, but that's far from the truth. Getting in a boat crash is no laughing matter, a long with the physical injuries you could receive right away, there's also the immense risk of drowning. To add on top of that, most accidents occur away from emergency medical help, so it's often difficult to call in the Calvary right away. Whether it was a small boat you use to fish on or a speedboat (or any other watercraft for that matter), if the accident was caused by the other persons involved in the incident; you may be entitled to some sort of compensation through a court of law. With our knowledge and experience, building a case will be the easy part, getting over your injuries will be the hard one. We will make the whole process easy and as stress-reducing as possible for our clients, because that's what it's really all about.

Drowning is probably the most common accident that could occur while in/on water, and even the individuals that survive watercraft crashes often come out with severe injuries (some would say life-changing). Your lungs could be severely damaged from inhaling mass amounts of water, and even the brain is susceptible to damage if you lack the amount of oxygen needed in your system. Others may leave the accident with a few broken bones or, even brain damage trauma from the impact of the crash.


When you work with FINK LAW FIRM KC, we like to think that you did so because you count on us. Bringing the best quality service is the most that any client could ask for, and that's why we provide exactly that.  We will figure out the cause of the accident, whether it was due to the fact that the boat's operator was new; or even if they were intoxicated. Things like this could be missed by other firms that don't take pride in what they do. If you have been injured in a watercraft accident and feel like you're entitled to some sort of compensation, then contact our firm now.


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