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Apartment Complex Liabilities

Premises Liability/Apartment Waivers & Leases

Many people sign a lease for an apartment without overlooking every little detail (which you should never do when signing a contract) and then find themselves in predicaments that aren't too pleasant. Sometimes leases implement clauses that limit your from receiving compensation from the landlord if anything happens to you that's apartment related. This means that the clause prohibits premises liability from affecting you. People who own apartments are a kin to receiving injuries related to the apartment lifestyle, such as ice and snow in the walkways of the doors. You could be entitled to compensation if you had injured yourself by simply walking, but many leases try and implement clauses to refrain you from doing so.

Even though these clauses are allowed under Missouri personal injury laws, they still have to meet the criteria before they can be properly enforced. The landlord has to state the limitations as well as the details of the clause, including if it extends to negligence and any other form of charge applicable by personal injury law. The landlord also has to make the waiver clear cut, as well as be able to read the lease without a magnifying glass or a dictionary (which is enforced by law!).

If you've ever had a slip and trip accident in the common areas of your apartment complex (where the apartments meet, walkways, etc) then you could actually be entitled to make a claim. If you feel like you might be limited by your lease, then it's incredibly important that you contact a personal injury lawyer from our firm immediately. Our knowledge is unmatchable, and our quality of service offered to our clients is the best you're ever going to get. Compensation is the main idea, and we're here to help you get it.


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